A New era in cancer therapy

The vast majority of patients do not respond at all to cutting edge cancer immunotherapy. Many patients rapidly develop drug resistance to approved cancer therapies.

ENB Therapeutics solves these problems with products to treat drug-resistant cancers. By targeting critical components in the microenvironment of the tumor, we empower the body’s immune system to do its job in effectively combating cancer.

Our Therapies are Unique in Their Multipronged Effect on the Tumor Microenvironment


We are developing small molecules that turn off a common “switch” that activates critical pro-cancer components of the TME: the ETBR. The ETBR creates “cold” tumors by trapping immune cells in the circulation where they can’t kill tumors. Our therapies create “hot” tumors by restoring the ability of immune cells to infiltrate and kill tumors.

Based on Chen & Mellman (2013)

We Create The Ultimate Hot Tumor

Our therapies also promote robust intratumoral Tertiary Lymphoid Organ (TLO) formation. TLOs are functionally equivalent to lymph nodes and produce tumor-specific T- and B-cells. They act as “antibody factories to fight cancer” to induce long-lasting anti-cancer immunity and are associated with favorable clinical prognosis across multiple cancers.

Our therapies have shown preclinical efficacy in treating melanoma, pancreatic cancer, squamous cell carcinoma, bladder cancer, and ovarian cancer, among others. Using these mechanisms, we can unlock the effectiveness of cancer therapies in the most difficult-to-treat tumors.